Thanksgiving 2020😷

Sooo.. turkey day is like 2 days, but no one is even cooking! Corona has made holidays so abnormal, and gathering is a bad idea. Problem is, I’m not the kind of woman that truly cooks lol. I mean, I can make things, but I’m no southern bell, that makes all the southern dishes. My husband is the real cook in this marriage, and he’s working for turkey day. So, my friend and I just agree to cook for eachother, and another friend, Thursday… Here’s the thing, it’s not even a thanksgiving spread lol. We’re having fried chicken, macaroni, greens, potato salad, and corn bread muffins. Now, everything is going to be great, and I’ll enjoy the fellowship, but I’ll miss the real cooks in my life this year 😩😤🥴

Covid Frustrations

So let me start off by saying I hated my job pre-Covid. Honestly, I had been job searching for about a year, praying to leave. I drove over an hour to work, because I moved with my now husband, and the job was no longer worth it. However, now that the main places that are hiring are call center, it made me appreciate the pre-Covid job. I had freedom, and wasn’t glued to a computer. Now, being laid off allowed some time to myself, and I’m not going back to that job. It just made me realize that Covid forced us to work places that doesn’t fit who we are, or what we would like to do for employment. This is honestly why blogging became an interest. I just wanted to write about daily life now. It all happens for a reason, but this call center life has truly humbled me!